Lord Wulther

Balanar's father


Lord Wulther is a skilled fighter having been trained as a knight like most male members of the nobility. He is a master of influencing public opinion, effective at hiding misdeeds and avoiding scandal (except in the case of Balanar who he kept close despite the damage it did to his reputation).

In addition to his own personal skills, he benefits from his rank as a member of the nobility and vast quantities of gold with which to finance his schemes.


Balanar Snow’s biological father. He holds no love for his son but seems intent on retrieving him by any means necessary for reasons that remain unknown.

Lord Wulther is a prominent noble in Port Pembrook. He commands many of the king’s troops and has only increased in power and standing in the wake of increased orc raids on human frontier villages and rumors of a coming human/orc war.

Lord Wulther

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