Balanar Snow

A sorceror with a dark past and vengeance in mind


Balanar is the bastard son of Lord Wulther, a prominent noble in the human capital of Port Pembrook. He has long suspected himself to be the product of an unholy union between his human father and a demon or devil mother. Only that would explain his innate magical ability, his disturbing crimson eyes, and the nature in which he was raised.

Balanar was not so much raised as he was kept. His adoptive mother, Lady Elenna, despised and beat him, while his half-siblings treated him no better. His father, while for some reason determined to keep Balanar alive and under his purview, offered nothing more than the bare minimum to ensure his survival.

It wasn’t until his sorcerous powers finally manifested at the age of 17 that he would have a modicum of revenge. During one particularly savage beating, Balanar lashed back at Lady Elenna with his still maturing powers. Killing her instantly and securing his escape from Hampton Manor and Lord Wulther’s lands.

Now a fugitive, chased by his half-brother Phillip and all the men his father could muster, Balanar found refuge among the ranks of the Black Hand. Ultimately, however, they betrayed him to his father forcing him to seek passage out of the city.

A chance meeting with a Guild official who caught Balanar trying to sneak into his caravan led to Balanar’s eventual recruitment. Within the Guild, Balanar was shielded from his father’s attempts to retrieve him through legal means or being forced to face the consequences of the murder he had committed. However, he still swears vengeance against his father and looks for his birth mother in hopes of discovering more about who or what he really is.

Balanar Snow

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